Resume adventures!

We have Linked-In, IMDB Pro, IMDB Resume, numerous Acting websites, PDFs for various jobs, personal websites, Facebook work log… This is insane. Trying to combine them and edit them in one location is impossible. We need a service that provides this, so that we can link all of these sites to one location. I’m looking into this at the moment and so, you will not see a single all-inclusive resume for me until I do. Meanwhile, you can check out my pages here to see what I specialize in and what I’m involved in (I do have my Linked-In, IMDB, Twitter, and Facebook links up). Unfortunately, much of my greatest work was either never documented or the documentation was lost by those who did it for me, so it’s taking awhile to get a good representation up – however, on the bright side, I’ve had a hand in a great many amazing projects which you can check out, and there are people who can attest to the fact that I exist and that we rocked hard on those projects!