Voice Acting News

Urban photoshoot
Recently, I’ve been featured as an actor in a number of productions including the video game, Star Trek Online (as Captain Koren, A’Dranna, Lt. Kyona, Epohh, and others). You can also hear me in Neverwinter MMO (as the female drow rogue action sounds), Star Trek Voyager: Lost Voyages (as B’Elanna Torres), Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny (as Saavik), Bat Radio (Harley Quinn), Doctor Who: Ambrosia (Ambrosia), Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Dub (Nilah), Starfinder (Valor), and more.
If you’re interesting in following my work or wish to contact me about joining your team, go to my Facebook page.
You can also see additional acting and production work at my IMDB page.

Invocation Array – Cyberpunk, Fantasy Rock Band

Things have been going well for Invocation Array! We’ve received fan-made videos, support from a number of video game companies including Harebrained Schemes, and are featured in the indie SciFi movie “Aria”. We’ve also appeared in Fanboy TV and NataliezWorld with interviews! So far, we’ve self-produced a few music videos, with three more on the way. We’re going over merchandise options, promo, fundraising, and media projects. Obviously, we’re incredibly busy and need your support!

Check out our latest news and projects at – http://www.facebook.com/invocationarray

  • Invocation Array Official Website – http://www.invocationarray.com
  • Cyberpunk Music Project (aka Invocation Array begins)

    My collab partner and I are more than half-way through development & recording of our first album. We are also planning a couple of cover singles that will not be included in the album, which will feel like a heavy electronic/rock/metal/goth concept album.

    Those of you who are familiar with my past solo and band projects will be familiar with my passion and continuing exploration of digital and analog sounds. The personality, design, and sound of this project is very different, but we hope that you will like it – a lot.

    Though most of the project details are a secret, we are slowly revealing more as we get closer to our first promo release. We’re currently solidifying the biz plan, visuals, social media sites, and sound releases.

    Unlike previous musical projects of mine, this time, I have a single collab partner – versus going solo or leading a band. My partner is handling most of the production, composition, and guitar. I’m handling most of the lyrics and the vocals.

    We’re starting from a digital sound base and relevant story, focusing on modern and future social and technological issues – Sci-Fi and fantasy wrapped in Cyberpunk a la Shadowrun/Blade Runner/Bone Dance with veins of dark humor, twisted concepts, bright hope, and strings of rage.

    If you’re interested in supporting and promoting us, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for news. We would love your support and we need you!

    Comikaze Attacks!

    A sudden opportunity to join an amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stunt / performance / cosplay group has come up and if all goes smoothly, I’ll be with them this weekend as April O’Neil! Sometimes, costumes and planning get jingle-jangled to ducking high sky…yes. But I’m gonna put this right here – I’m going forward with this experiment and I look forward to seeing friends at their booths regardless! Onward!

    Resume adventures!

    We have Linked-In, IMDB Pro, IMDB Resume, numerous Acting websites, PDFs for various jobs, personal websites, Facebook work log… This is insane. Trying to combine them and edit them in one location is impossible. We need a service that provides this, so that we can link all of these sites to one location. I’m looking into this at the moment and so, you will not see a single all-inclusive resume for me until I do. Meanwhile, you can check out my pages here to see what I specialize in and what I’m involved in (I do have my Linked-In, IMDB, Twitter, and Facebook links up). Unfortunately, much of my greatest work was either never documented or the documentation was lost by those who did it for me, so it’s taking awhile to get a good representation up – however, on the bright side, I’ve had a hand in a great many amazing projects which you can check out, and there are people who can attest to the fact that I exist and that we rocked hard on those projects!