Creative consultant, Technical Advisor, Writer – writer, script and story consultant, world builder, character designer, game designer, researcher, editor, fictional language creator, creative dialogue, continuity enforcer

Director & Production – creative direction, assistant director, casting, production assistant, accounting and budget, New Media SAG-AFTRA contracts, copyrights

Coordinator & Trainer – acting coach, stunts & stage combat, dance, puppetry

Promotion & Presence – social media and graphics from concept to execution (digital clean-up, concept art, print work, promo materials, logos, merchandise, website, PR, community manager, blasts, interviews, radio exposure, event photography, IMDB listing)

Universal Studios
Cryptic Studios
Sony: God of War
Spike TV
Lionsgate Films
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Watch the Sky – Renee O’Connor Productions
Nobility – Cowboy Errant Films
Blade of Honor
Whisperer in Darkness
Star Trek: Renegades
Star Trek: Axanar
Star Trek: Continues
Bachelor Night
Priority One Podcast
Sypher Art Studios
Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre
Theatre Unleashed
Damsels & Dragons
Hurry Up & Wait TV
FWL Foam League
Wyrd Con
Pixie Vision Productions
Eat, Drink, or Die
Priority One Podcast – Priority One Productions
WCP Carlsbad
Joyous Free
LARP Alliance
Emily Green
Windsor Smith Furniture
Joel Hodgson
Ken Jeong
Larry Niven
Bat Radio
Star Trek Starfinder
Gates of Stovokor
Revenant White
Various actors, artists, and live theatrical events