concept art, set design, graphics, logos, digital touch up, website design
stage construction, props, electrical, puppets, foam fabrication
costumes, makeup, prosthetics, styling & image, world-building
fictional languages, character design, experimental materials

Clients (update in progress):

Watch the Sky – set designer, props, key art, graphic art for products
Blade of Honor – sets, props
San Jose Repertory Theatre – sets
Opera San Jose – sets
San Francisco Playhouse – sets
Santa Cruz Shakespeare – sets
Nobility / Cowboy Errant Films – sets, props, digital art cleanup, actor: officer
Star Trek Renegades – sets, props, VFX coordinator, boom mic operator, Foley, photography, actor: cadette
Role Models (Universal Studios) – props, weapons, costumes
Knights of Badassdom (IndieVest Studio) – props, weapons, costumes
Sypher Art Studios – costumes, prosthetics, props, sets, concept design, fine art, graphic art, foam fabrication, puppets, makeup
Ironliege – foam fabrication, props, weapons, armor, cosplay, larp supplies
LARP Alliance Inc. – costumes, makeup, weapons, sets, props, graphics, website design, logos, prosthetics
Dying Kingdoms LARP – costumes, makeup, weapons, props, graphics
Adventures Unlimited LARP – costumes, makeup, weapons, props
IFGS – costumes, makeup, props
Best Buy – costumes, props, weapons, makeup
Hitachi Home Electronics – website design, logos, graphics, photography, digital art cleanup
Emily Green – digital art cleanup

Other notes:
Featured cosplay / costumes on, Star Trek Magazine, Anime Magazine
Award-winning cosplayer and costumer at Anime Expo, Comic Con, Sakura Con, Ani-magic, ALA, Star Trek Vegas