Adrianne Grady
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Appearing in –
Visual – Movie, TV, Commercial, Music Video, WebSeries:
Nobility, Star Trek: Renegades, Best Buy LARP Commercial, Blue Jasmine, Grey’s Anatomy, TMNTvan / Turtle Power Entertainment, The O’Reilly Factor / Watter’s World, Comediva’s Geek PSA, Role Models, Knights of Badassdom, Broken Spirits, The Whisperer in Darkness, Hurry Up & Wait TV, To Tell the Truth, Nickelodeon Wild N’ Crazy Kids, Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre, Canyon Theatre Guild, SC Shakespeare Company, RenQuest, To Tell the Truth, and numerous other performances.
Aural – Radio, Podcast, Video Game, Audiobook, Audioplay, Commercial:
ArchAge MMO, Star Trek Online MMO, Neverwinter MMO, Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny, Ambrosia: A Doctor Who Audio Play, Bat Radio, Doctor Who: Ambrosia, Star Trek Voyager: The Lost Voyages, Star Wars: Dark Resurrection, Dragon Age III promo, Magic Beans Ergobaby Products, Star Trek: Starfinder, G&T Show, Trek Radio commercials, Warrior’s Den, SciMax Radio’s Khitomer Accords, Subspace Radio’s DJ Grom Show, McNair Files audiobook, Gates of Stovokor, Priority One Podcast, Tribbles in Ecstasy, Rabbit Moon Show.

¬†Overview –
Acting – film, theatrical, commercial, host, character, puppeteer
Voice Actor – video games, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, audioplays, commercials, improv
Singer, Musician (award-winning) – albums (live & recorded, solo & band), radio, audioplays, jingles
Atmosphere Characters & Cosplayer (award-winning) – Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Sypher Art Studio, Barnes & Noble, and conventions (Anime Expo, Sakura Con, Ani-Magic, ALA, Comic Con, Strategicon, Star Trek Vegas & San Francisco, Comikaze)
Stunts – martial arts, pro-wrestling, stage combat, swords, archery, firearms (Swordplay Studio Burbank, Chinese Kenpo Federation San Diego, National Wushu Training Center LA, Advanced Academy of Martial Arts SCV, Southwestern Alliance of Wrestling SD, RenQuest, Koroneburg Festival, SoCal Ren Faire, LARP Alliance, NorCal Horseback Archery, SD Archery, Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre, SCCT Shakespeare, Girl Scouts of America, Academy of Arms, Tang Su Do, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga)
Dance – Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom, Latin, Bellydance, Pole (Goddess Fitness SCV, Studio 1 Dance Academy, College of the Canyons, Southwestern Community College, Studio City Dance, Valencia Ballroom, Ariel Dance Studio NorCal, Sypher Veritas)