Live Events & Conventions:
Comikaze (cosplay & performance)
Star Trek Vegas (promo, performance, co-hosting radio, cosplay)
Star Trek San Francisco (cosplay, promo, co-hosting radio)

Movies / Series / Audioplay:
ArcheAge MMO (Trion Worlds’ ArcheAge – voice actor, singer, songwriter)
Star Trek Online MMO (Cryptic Studios – voice actor)
Nobility (set artist, digital touch up artist, extra)
Star Trek: Renegades (set artist, vfx coordinator, foley, extra)
Star Trek: Axanar (interview host, promo)
Star Trek: Continues (foley)
Other Promo – 5th Passenger, Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, Rain of Ash
Zygerus – Sci-Fi comedy/action series (creator, producer, writer, actor)
Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny audioplay series (voice actor: Saavik)
Rabbit Moon Show (creator, host, comedian, musician)
McNair Files (director, audio engineer, voice actor)
Star Trek: Starfinder audioplay series (executive producer, assistant director,  voice actor: Q, Valor the Vulcan, Captain Naveera, various)
Gates of Stovokor audioplay series (voice actor: Ferengi, Ferasan, Caitian, Klingon Orion Bartender, Gorn)
G&T Show (reoccurring guest)
Subspace Radio‘s DJ Grom show (reoccurring character guest)
Tribble in Ecstasy (guest)

Four Lights Studio opens (replacing Knollwit Studio)
Secret project in development (co-creator, singer, songwriter)

San Jose Repertory Theatre (stage artist, handyman)
San Francisco Repertory Theatre (stage artist)

Past Events:
Neverwinter MMO (Cryptic Studios – voice actor)
Best Buy Commercial (principle actor, light stunts, LARP costume)
SciMax Radio‘s Khitomer Accords (co-host, writer)
Priority One Podcast (associate producer, host, writer, audio engineer)
Sypher Art Studio (creative director, lead artist, performer)