Invocation Array – Cyberpunk, Fantasy Rock Band

Things have been going well for Invocation Array! We’ve received fan-made videos, support from a number of video game companies including Harebrained Schemes, and are featured in the indie SciFi movie “Aria”. We’ve also appeared in Fanboy TV and NataliezWorld with interviews! So far, we’ve self-produced a few music videos, with three more on the way. We’re going over merchandise options, promo, fundraising, and media projects. Obviously, we’re incredibly busy and need your support!

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  • Comikaze Attacks!

    A sudden opportunity to join an amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stunt / performance / cosplay group has come up and if all goes smoothly, I’ll be with them this weekend as April O’Neil! Sometimes, costumes and planning get jingle-jangled to ducking high sky…yes. But I’m gonna put this right here – I’m going forward with this experiment and I look forward to seeing friends at their booths regardless! Onward!